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 League Rules

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PostSubject: League Rules   Mon Apr 06, 2009 1:24 pm

1. Users participating in the league will have to use created fighters.

2. Events will be weekly with match ups being posted on Thursdays. Once a month there will be an event that will determine #1 contenders for the month as well as five challenge match ups. Fights will need to be played out by Tuesday of the following week.

3. Both fighters will need to submit results complete with winner, method, round and time. ex. Fighter A\head kick\rd 2\2:13. Discrepancies will be handled with a strike system. First strike is a no contest second offense is a 3 week ban.

4. We will have alternate fights set up for each event and in the case of no shows these fights will need to take place on the Wednesday after the deadline. No shows will be treated like discrepancies. Two strikes no exceptions. (Pulling out will be handled on a case basis)

5. Users will be permitted to join "camps" with up to three other users. This will be used to help train.

6. Each user is allowed three fighters total, one fighter in each weight class. If a player chooses to abandon a fighter he will have to wait two events before being able to use his replacement.

7. Contenders will be decided by ranking which will be weighted by record, quality of opponents and performance. If two fighters have identical records the fighter with more finishes will be favored. If they have the same amount of finishes it will be decided by who has finished their opponents the quickest.

8. Challenges will be encouraged and should create a good dynamic. It could help you get on a card your not scheduled to fight on. The five best feuds will make the month end events.

9. Events will be set up 3 events ahead of time so everyone will have lots of time to know when they will be fighting and who. Trash talk is encouraged. Smile

10. There is a chat board at the bottom of the forum which can be used to meet with your opponent before a fight if you wish but adding your opponent to your friends list is probably the best idea.

11. All fights will be held as non-ranked matches at this time until we are able to see how the online is going to be set up. The reason for this is that there is normally more flexibility in non ranked matches which should allow us to schedule five round title fights. This may change if
possible to ensure honesty.

12. Once a fighters name has been used it can't be used again. That means only one Fedor, first come first served.

13. Corner selection will be made randomly in threads labeled "weigh ins". The forum will pick the corner color for one fighter and you will be able to see this process in the thread. Your name will also be that color in the Event thread.
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League Rules
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